Linguistic requirements to obtain the taxi driver's credential.

Exam information, free Spanish Instituto Cervantes level test and exam format

Requirements for foreigners that they have the foreigner identity number (NIE).

From countries with a language other than the official language in Catalonia

  1. Original of the B1 linguistic certification (MECR) of one of the two official languages in Catalonia.
  2. Original of the A2 linguistic certification (MECR) of the other official language in Catalonia.

You can do this level test of the Instituto Cervantes for free to know your level of Spanish language if:

  1. You need level B1 of Spanish + level A2 of Catalan
  2. You need level A2 of Spanish + level B1 of Catalan

Or if you prefer, you can take the free level test at Escuela Mediterraneo Barcelona.

Registration for the exam and qualification:

  • The exam Price is 50€ which must be paid before the exam. It includes the test and the final certificate and you can show up once.
  • The registration and the corresponding payment of the test must be done in person at the Escuela Mediterraneo in Barcelona.
  • To pass the exam it is necessary to obtain a grade of 60/100.
  • Students who passed the exam will receive the certificate within 3 days after the exam date.
  • If the candidate obtains a rating of NOT SUITABLE with a result lower than 60/100, he / she will be able to take the exam again at the Escuela Mediterraneo in Barcelona after 30 days.
Paper Tasks Time limit Marks
1 Reading 1 task: read a text and answer 5 questions. 90 time allowed 20 points of 100
2 Writing 1 task: write a text between 130 and 150 words (you have 2 options). 20 points of 100
3 Listening 1 task: listen a text and respond 5 questions (you will listen to the audition 2 times). 20 points of 100
4 Speaking 3 tasks:
Task 1: brief oral presentation (3m)
Task 2: Description of a picture (3m)
Task 3: conversation with the interviewer in 2 different situations. (4m)
10 minuts 40 points of 100




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