We know that the protection of personal information is important for our users and it is also important for us, therefore, we recommend that before registering as a user and accepting the processing of your data, read our privacy policy carefully to understand how we are going to treat your personal information.

Once you have sent us your information through the different spaces or forms inside of Web platform, you will have accepted our privacy policy, and consequently, the processing of your data (onwards as „personal data“ or “ personal information“) that appears here described for storage, use and communication to third parties.

ESCUELA MEDITERRÁNEO. ESPAÑOL PARA EXTRANJEROS, S.L, reserves the right to modify the privacy policy without prior notice, so you should review our policy periodically. IF AT ANY TIME, REQUIRED AS A CONSEQUENCE OF CHANGES, YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH OUR POLICY YOU CAN CANCEL YOUR USER ACCOUNT.

  1. Ownership of data and purpose of their use.

When you use the registration form in ESCUELA MEDITERRÁNEO. ESPAÑOL PARA EXTRANJEROS, S.L provide us with personal data that are incorporated into our database. Also we keep the generate information as a consequence of your interaction within ESCUELA MEDITERRÁNEO. ESPAÑOL PARA EXTRANJEROS, S.L. All data processing done by ESCUELA MEDITERRÁNEO. ESPAÑOL PARA EXTRANJEROS, S.L always and in any case is based on an express consent by the user.

To obtain consent, the user must mark the checkboxes that accompany the data collection form. Without the express authorization, the data will not be processed, thus warning the website that will not allow to continue with the process when the treatment is necessary. Our website generates a record of each of the consents provided by the user in order to be able to prove their effective provision and date.

We understand by express consent that which implies a positive act on the part of the user, never basing a treatment on the mere silence or inaction of the user.

The data that you provide us to access any service or functionality that we put at your disposal in the website, will always be processed informing of the changes that will be carried out and gathering your consent in an express way.

The data will be kept until you express otherwise, communicating your decision not to continue using the ESCUELA MEDITERRÁNEO. ESPAÑOL PARA EXTRANJEROS, S.L for those who facilitated us.

We inform you that our platform does not carry out any treatment aimed at adopting automated decisions or drawing up profiles, nor is it done or is it expected to make transfers to Third Countries.

In addition, we make available to users of the web forms to contact us and send us your suggestions:

All these data will be incorporated in the different Registries ofTreatment Activities that are available to the AgencySpanish Data Protection Service (hereinafter „AEPD“) who is in charge ofto ensure compliance with data protection regulationsaccording to current Spanish and European legislation, and to whom you canfile a claim if you consider our platform hasdamaged your Fundamental Rights regarding Data Protection.The data that you provide us during the use of the functions of the Web of ESCUELA MEDITERRÁNEO. ESPAÑOL PARA EXTRANJEROS, S.L they may be mandatory or not, but we will always tell you when they arethrough an asterisk or similar mechanism. If you do not provide us with the datamandatory you will not be able to access the service you are requesting.Your data is incorporated into the file whose responsible is:

NIF: B63519292


Adress: CALLE SANTA MÓNICA, 2, bajos, Barcelona, 08001

  1. Purpose and legitimacy in the collection of data in ESCUELA MEDITERRÁNEO. ESPAÑOL PARA EXTRANJEROS, S.L

The required data is necessary to be able to identify you and touse or / and access the services and features you will have to your disposition in ESCUELA MEDITERRÁNEO. ESPAÑOL PARA EXTRANJEROS, S.L particular, they will be used to manageyour Certificates, invoice, sending information of your interest and requests.

The legitimation of any treatment carried out by ESCUELA MEDITERRÁNEO. ESPAÑOL PARA EXTRANJEROS, S.L is always the user’s own consent. We do not receive data from third parties orwe share the data in our database with other entities, northey are subject to assignment. We have data processing managerswho have been chosen diligently after verification of their abilityfor compliance with the „RGPD“.

In addition, we can contact you by any electronic mediaavailable (web platform, email, phone and / or mms or sms messages)to send you internal system notifications, validation requestsfor invitation codes, inform you about updates or improvements related to the use of ESCUELA MEDITERRÁNEO. ESPAÑOL PARA EXTRANJEROS, S.L and news or events of interest.The only commercial information that can appear on the web will be that we publish in the Web where the offers that we put will appearat your disposal. Your data may be processed for the purposes described by both ESCUELA MEDITERRÁNEO. ESPAÑOL PARA EXTRANJEROS, S.L as for the rest of the companies that are part of the same business group.

3. Exercise of rightsAs a user you can exercise your access rights (know what datawe treat and what we do with them) of rectification (modify the datathat are incorrect or inaccurate) of opposition (to oppose the treatmentof your data for an activity), deletion (can cancelcompletely your data as a user), portability (be transmitted touser’s request to another company) and treatment limitation (stopthe treatment done so far). For this, you will have toget in touch with us atdireccion@escuelamediterraneo.com, expressly indicate usrequest and attach a document that identifies you (ID or passport)to be able to attend your request.

In addition, we can contact you by any available electronic platforms (web, e-mail, telephone or message) to send you internal notifications of the system, processing of product reservations, inform you about updates or improvements related to the use of ESCUELA MEDITERRÁNEO. ESPAÑOL PARA EXTRANJEROS, S.L and news or events of interest.

It is important that you know which are the consequences of the cancellation of your data as a user of ESCUELA MEDITERRÁNEO. ESPAÑOL PARA EXTRANJEROS, S.L, so because of that we inform you that, if you request the cancellation of the data, you will lose the account you registered in and it will be necessary to initiate a new one to be a user again.

  1. Security measures.

ESCUELA MEDITERRÁNEO. ESPAÑOL PARA EXTRANJEROS, S.L has carried out an impact evaluation of all data processing performed. As a consequence of this evaluation, each process has been defined and, in attempt to minimize possible risks, ensuring with the utmost diligence the adequate protection of the fundamental rights of the users within the organizational environment of ESCUELA MEDITERRÁNEO. ESPAÑOL PARA EXTRANJEROS, S.L.

ESCUELA MEDITERRÁNEO. ESPAÑOL PARA EXTRANJEROS, S.L is aware of the user’s concern for security, so we has chosen to implement the strictest security levels that allow the proper functioning of the website, its functionalities and its services, preserving the integrity of the stored data and information. The services are provided with their own technological resources and sometimes by a third parties that have the necessary security measures to ensure the impossibility of unauthorized access according to the current technique and technology.

In ESCUELA MEDITERRÁNEO. ESPAÑOL PARA EXTRANJEROS, S.L, we want that the service that our clients receive, they have a satisfactory and save experience, for this reason, we only choose suppliers with a proven track record and technical solvency that allows the compliance of the current security regulations, in order to avoid its loss, misuse or the access by unauthorized people.


In general, to be user of ESCUELA MEDITERRÁNEO. ESPAÑOL PARA EXTRANJEROS, S.L, it will be necessary to be OF LEGAL AGE. If our team detects that any user account belongs to a minor of the indicated age, we can contact you to find out what is your age.

For this, we can request the contribution of the Identification Card (ID) or other equivalent document within a certain period.

In case that we check that the profile has been created by a minor of the indicated age or not provide the ID, we can proceed to the blocking or definitive cancellation of your profile as a user.


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